Scene Content Analysis

• Ilex, iberis and aster provide a total surveillance solution for scene analysis
  and data recovery

• Automatic Scene Content Analysis based upon algorithms developed by
  Aralia over a 5 year period

• Scene content descriptors are stored within a powerful relational database
  where the SQL commands have been extended to support image object

• Relational database approach facilitates specification of complex alarm and
  search criteria without recourse to application programming

Technological Benefits

• With the addition of Standard Operating Procedures, Aralia's latest
  software suite now provides a complete PSIM solution for securing
  critical infrastructure, urban and transportation systems

• Choice of Unicast or Multicast: Simultaneously distribute video to
  multiple network site locations. Using a variety of Codecs, multicast can
  support up to 110+ users

• Integration with existing IT services: Aralia’s system supports industry
  standards, for example, MS Active Directory and SNMP

• Compatible with latest blade server technology: A single server can
  support up to 64 cameras with analytics per blade. Flexible storage
  options: Set up storage options as BOD, NAS or SAN

• Advanced implementation tools: Aralia has a robust support system and
  in-house expertise to provide system level specification for securing
  critical infrastructure, urban and transportation environments

• Robust evidence: A full audit trail is maintained by each ilex relational
  database. Video data is hashed and optionally encrypted at the point of

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