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  Key Feature of intelligent Surveillance  
Object Recognition: The ilex software can be configured to automatically detect objects that pose a security risk. First, configure alarm rules to detect specific objects based on object type, colour, size, speed, direction, etc. When an object is detected, ilex alerts the operator and then stores the detected object in the system database.

Alarm Alerts and Event Playback: This function allows operators to take action as soon as a security issue arises: quickly play recorded footage, view a snapshot image of the triggering event, save and print snapshots or search through the footage visually.
  Retrospective Search: With this powerful capability, the operator can create queries and search through stored footage for detected objects and ilex alarms. Search rapidly through large amounts of data and instantly play back footage from found incidents.

Incident Reporting: Take advantage of Aralia’s full incident report generation tool from any workstation within the network. Quickly create detailed Crystal Reports for future reference and build a complete case history to satisfy the stringent requirements for court evidence.


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