Advanced Video Surveillance

Digital Control Room

Retrospective Search Tool
  About Aralia Systems Ltd

Aralia Systems provides advanced intelligent video surveillance solutions for today’s complex world.  Whatever your security needs, we’ll help you find the right solution at a competitive cost. With more than 10 years’ experience providing intelligent surveillance systems, Aralia combines all the elements of intelligent security into one integrated solution.

Three-Part Software Suite

Aralia’s software package includes three major programmes that work together to provide a complete solution. Each of the three programmes is a key component of your complete solution:

ilex: Advanced Video Surveillance
iberis: Digital Control Room
aster: Retrospective Search Tool
  Applications and Benefits

Aralia’s intelligent surveillance software is particularly suited to provide a secure solution for high-security areas such as airports, rail networks, cities, marine ports and more.
The software proactively addresses security threats and reduces the costs associated with business interruption. Aralia’s intelligent surveillance technology is specifically designed for the following: object detection and tracking, perimeter surveillance, left luggage detection, crowding, loitering, highway infractions, counting statistics and more.


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