Site Surveying Service


With the increased need for security today, many potential customers want to improve their security system but may have trouble deciding where to start. Whether you are installing a new security system or upgrading your existing one, Aralia can offer a special site surveying service to help get you started.

Aralia has a full set of skills and software tools to generate system level specifications for security systems designed for transport authorities and city centres. We’ll survey the existing cameras, network and recording equipment in order to determine which parts of the system that can be re-used within an unenhanced security system. Later on, the camera selection and transmission method will be chosen to make use of the existing infrastructure.

Custom Designed Solutions

Our engineers understand that no two proposed sites are the same. After a site survey, Aralia can custom-design your solution to fit your individual needs. We typically specialise in city-wide integrated surveillance systems with local C21 groups linked to C41 command centres.  However, a solution could be as small as a single-server installation.

Aralia has developed a range of software tools that enable our survey to accurately predict the performance of automated analysis and detection for a specific camera type.  Additionally our expertise includes comprehensive experience with computing and digital video storage.

At the conclusion of the service Aralia offers the following services:
  • A full recommended parts list in accordance with the client’s requirements
  • Sample designs of control rooms (if required)
  • A list of suggestions for optional security devices for future integration within the control room, including ANPR, gunshot detection, security barriers, etc.
Our knowledgeable staff of engineers works closely with potential customers to answer any questions about installation, hardwire, network or other specific site issues. We can then devise a cost-effective solution based on those specific needs. Only Aralia offers the same degree of customisation for a range of cost-effective solutions.

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