Top 10 Reasons to Choose an Aralia Solution

A One-Stop Shop: Aralia’s software includes all aspects of a C2 system, including Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and a full GIS interface.

Advanced Data Mining: Aralia’s retroactive search tool can automatically perform highly complex searches and quickly retrieve relevant footage. Searching CCTV footage takes seconds, not hours.

Highly Effective Scene Analysis: Our unique video surveillance software uses databases to store all configuration and video data, including analytic metadata. This innovative approach utilises the querying and data processing capabilities of a large-scale SQL database.

Standard Network Infrastructure: End-users can access the system from a standard business network. There is no need to install a costly specialist control room.

Promotes Staff Efficiency and Accountability: One person can monitor several hundred cameras at once. Reduce your staffing demands with an Aralia security system that allows many sites to be observed from a single location, greatly reducing the scope for human error.
Automated Alarming: Automatic alarms remove the need for constant monitoring. Security staff is freed from simple monitoring tasks and instead receive instant alarm, SMS or e-mail notifications if security is breached.

Tailored Solutions: Aralia offers tailored solutions to suit any budget. Our pricing policy is designed to give competitive prices, from small installations up to complete city solutions with thousands of cameras.

No Proprietary Hardware: As a software company, we don’t believe in requiring our customers to use bespoke hardware. We do however offer a site surveying service to advise you of the most cost-effective solutions.

Support Industry Standard Devices: Aralia's C2 system supports industry standard interfaces, promoting easy integration across systems.

Scale Up with Ease: Aralia can update your existing setup according to your needs and budget. As more cameras and/or third-party software are added to the security system, your solution can be scaled up with ease to maximise your investment.



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