aster performs complex historical analysis of the analytic metadata stored in the video surveillance software. Key features include forensic tools, built-in reporting and rapid historical search.


The third part of Araliaís three-part software suite, aster performs historical analysis of the analytic metadata stored in the ilex database. aster incorporates all the features found in Aralia's ilex video cataloguing engine, allowing the operator to quickly and easily search for relevant video data according to definable video features. All captured data remains of evidential quality, and a full audit trail of all operator actions is maintained. aster is designed to capture data from a wide range of CCTV sources and store the data in high quality JPEG2000 format within a relational database.


aster has a full set of forensic tools for preparing cases, including a built-in report generation system that can be used to monitor the effectiveness of the surveillance system. Additionally, aster can identify key characteristics of an object which can then be used to create a template to recognize other objects with matching specifications.

Complex Retrospective Searching Performed at High Speed

Create queries using asterís user-friendly retrospective search tool. Search through stored footage for objects detected and alarms raised in ilex:
  • Configure complex queries incorporating multiple cameras.
  • Narrow your query by defining regions of interest (ROIs) and specific time periods.
  • Search for objects by type, colour, position and direction.
  • Search rapidly through large amounts of data.
  • Instantly play back footage from found incidents.

Key Features of asterís Retrospective Search

  • Provides comprehensive preview and review capabilities for forensic investigations, including automatic video-content cataloguing and all the facilities required to build a complete case history.
  • Records data into a distributed relational database.
  • Allows for automatic cataloguing of picture content.
  • Incorporates rapid SQL-based querying of digitized stored video data.
  • Links GIS data with the investigatorís notes and video sections through a single relational database.
  • Easy-to-navigate user interface for system operators.
  • Search speeds of one year of recorded video per minute are routinely achieved at existing installations.


  Create Incident Reports for Easy Consumption of Results

Araliaís security solution provides full incident report generation from any workstation within the network.
  • Quickly create detailed Crystal Reportsô of your query results for future reference.
  • Use asterís comprehensive facilities to build a complete case history with attached notes and images.
  • Generate reports that satisfy the stringent requirements for evidence within a court of law.


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