Secure Solutions for the Modern World

Aralia’s intelligent surveillance software is ideally suited to provide a solution for high security areas such as airports, rail networks, urban cities, marine ports and more.

An Aralia solution is the strategic choice for a company in any industry or environment that wishes to proactively address security threats and reduce the costs associated with business interruption. With Aralia’s intelligent surveillance software you can address the following concerns:
  • Object detection

  • Object tracking

  • Object classification

  • Smoke and fire detection

  • Perimeter surveillance

  • Left object/luggage

  • Mobile surveillance solutions

  • Crossing detection

  • Crowding

  • Loitering

  • Highway infractions

  • Vandalism/graffiti detection

  • Counting statistics

  • Behavioural analysis

Top Applications for an Aralia Solution

Airports – Aralia’s advanced technology can cope with a range of issues, from detecting unattended baggage to monitoring high value assets or cargo.

  • Receive automatic alarms when unattended luggage is detected.

  • Target tracking enables greater surveillance of suspicious persons.

  • Identify unauthorised personnel or vehicles entering restricted areas.

Rail Networks – An Aralia solution is particularly ideal for monitoring rail networks and public transportation.

  • Detect platform crowding, dangerous behaviour and trespassing on tracks.

  • Receive automatic alarms when unattended luggage is detected.

  • Monitor train arrivals and departures.

  • Track passenger journeys from start to finish.

Urban Security – Explore many potential benefits to the management of urban freeways and public areas with Aralia.

  • Ensure the free flow of traffic in a city centre.

  • Detect incorrect use of one-way streets, illegal use of bus lanes and unauthorised vehicles moving in restricted areas.

  • Define a target based on colour, size and direction.

  • Monitor highly trafficked pedestrian areas, historical centres and more.

Marine Ports – Use Aralia’s technology to assist with the management of harbours and marine ports.
  • Set alarms for collision with docks and unauthorised vessel movement

  • Prevent intruders in secure areas.

  • Monitor cargo containers and high-risk areas.

Utilities – Protect your valuable assets with remote monitoring at pipelines, power plants, refineries, tunnels and more.

  • Stop possible intruders and unauthorised employees from entering hazardous areas.

  • Detect leaks, fires or machinery faults with sophisticated alarms.

  • View 180 degree camera vision to identify possible threats in tunnels.

Forensics – Our retrospective workstation provides the ideal facility for officers investigating a crime.

  • Quickly and easily replay footage from an alarm incident or from any chosen period within a camera’s recorded data.

  • Instantly view a snapshot image of an alarm event and highlight the object that triggered the alarm.

  • Save and print snapshot images from an alarm event for future reference.

  • Filter and reorder alarm incidents according to categories and add notes for quick referencing.

  • View GIS data with video footage.



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